Trauma center for children and families

The Trauma Centre for children and families is a specialised centre for counselling and psychotherapy that provides free programs to children and their parents who have undergone some traumatic experience. Psychotherapy helps children improve their ability to process painful events in their lives and cope successfully with such in the future. It further sensitise parents to the suffering their children experience and help them create a healthy family environment to raise their children. The programs further support important figures in the child’s life outside the immediate family environment that play a key role for the child’s development and adaptation in society.



Executive Agency

Animus Association Foundation

Ms. Nadezhda Stoycheva, director

Ms. Maria Tchomarova, director


Address: Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 85 Ekzarh Iossif Str.

Tel: +359 (2) 9835205; +359 (2) 9835305

Cell phone: + 359 (878) 670 338

Fax: +359 (2) 9835205



Since the launch of the Trauma Centre in September 2013:   

  • 271 clients (173 parents and 98 children) have benefited from the long-term counselling and psychotherapeutic programs. These are parents and children who have had traumatic experience that had disrupted their everyday routine such as domestic or sexual violence, school bullying, loss of a close relative, parents’ separation, intellectual disorders, life crises etc.
  • 110 multidisciplinary meetings have been held in relation to the individual cases.
  • 84 clients have made recourse to the correspondence programme where 425 e-mails have been sent.
  • Animus website have been visited 30,302 times.
  • 46 workshops, 27 information and prevention meetings, 43 media appearances, have been held, in addition to 177 participation in professional events where the Trauma Centre has been presented.
  • More and more clients seek help at their own initiative in the course of time.
  • We have described and analysed work on 10 particular cases and a case study report about the work of the Trauma Centre.
  • We take great pride that our efforts have been acknowledged and received subsequent support. A Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation for the Development and Pilot Implementation of a Model of Innovative Service for Children Victims and Witnesses of Violence was signed between UNICEF, Animus Association Foundation and Sofia City Municipality in September 2015. We view this development as a genuine step forward in providing accessible psychotherapeutic services and competent professional help to those who need them, in accordance with Animus mission and objectives.


It helped me when I experienced difficulties“. (D.М., 11 years)

It can help you stop the pain.“ (J.S., 5 г.)

We talk about stuff that is interesting for me.“ (М.К., 15 years)

The consultations are very helpful for me.“ (mother of a 6-year-old)

I realise that becoming conscious is an important part of the road you have to go.“ (mother of a 14-year-old)

The consultations helped see things in a different perspective and improve the parent-child dialogue.“ (father of a 10-year-old)

Recovery is a slow process but it finally happens. I’d come back if I have a problem.“ (mother of a 10-year-old)

Working as partners on these difficult cases is of paramount importance.“,Multidisciplinary meetings on cases of child victims of violence are mandatory. I appreciate highly the expertise of the colleagues from Animus.“ (social worker CPD)