Business partnerships for better society

The goal of the project is to enhance the business relations between Bulgarian and Swiss companies. This goal is related, on one hand, to the key role of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and is, on the other hand, based on the excellent outcomes from the previous project implemented under the Partnership Fund in the period 2013÷2014 – “BSCC – Promoting Partnerships”. In addition, the project supports and encourages socially responsible Bulgarian companies to participate in introducing the successful Swiss dual vocational education model in Bulgaria, by presenting the successful implementation of the model in Switzerland.  The project expands and builds on the successfully established within the previous project partnership platform. Another goal of the present project is the enhancing of the relationships of the project partners. SEC transfers its know-how to the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the two chambers together build the capacity of the newly established Swiss-Bulgarian Business Club.

The described goals are pursues through two main groups of activities:

1. Building on and expanding of the partnership platform of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Series of meetings with new potential partners in Bulgaria and in Switzerland with respect to joining the partnership platform is conducted. Upgrade of the electronic version of the platform in the website of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce ( as well as developing of a mobile version is also envisaged. Two business forums are organized – one in Bulgaria and one in Switzerland, with the participation of Bulgarian and Swiss companies and representatives of vocational schools.

2. Encouraging more Bulgarian companies to participate in the dual education in Bulgaria

This activity includes site visits by representatives of 40 Bulgarian companies and 10 vocational schools to Swiss companies and schools participating in the dual vocational education system in Switzerland.



Project outcomes:

  • Increased contacts between Bulgarian and Swiss companies aiming at business development.
  • Encouraged more Bulgarian companies to participate in the dual education as a CSR practice.
  • Strengthened capacity of the project partners in offering business services to their members and non-members, related to business development and CSR promotion.

The expected impact of the project is defined as enhanced bilateral business relations and cooperation between the Bulgarian and Swiss partners of the current project and between Bulgarian and Swiss companies and institutions as a whole through improving the possibilities of joined business initiatives.



Executing agency: Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC)

Address: Bulgaria, 1124 Sofia, 17, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Tel.: +359 884 320 507



Project Manager: Vassil Radoynovski

  • Updated and expanded database of the partnership platform of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.
  • Increased number of members of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.
  • Renewed and updated website of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, including a mobile version and renewed partnership platform tool, and created corporate profile in at least 3 social media.
  • Increased capacity of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and of the Swiss-Bulgarian Business Club for providing services in support of business development.
  • One forum conducted in Switzerland with B2B meetings.
  • One forum conducted in Bulgaria with site visits.
  • Two promotional info packs for the two forums in Switzerland and in Bulgaria produced.
  • Catalogue of the companies participating in the partnership platform printed out.
  • 8 group visits organized to Swiss companies and schools with about 12 participants each.

Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe (SEC+), Swiss-Bulgarian Business Club